Why you should join a society at University


The best way to describe a society to any newcomer to university is that they are like a club where no interests are off limit, with societies ranging from Harry Potter to Motorcycling.

At De Montfort University there are over 100 societies to choose from, (click here to check out the full list https://www.demontfortstudents.com/activities/societies/) meaning you’re more than likely to find something you’re interested in. As someone who has been a part of several of these societies during my time here, I thought I’d give you a few reasons why you should consider joining a society.

  1. You’ll meet a wide range of people.

It’s an obvious one, but ever so true. You’ll meet people from all years, courses, cultures and walks of life. It’ll also help you brush up on your geography skills, because trust me, Google maps will become your best friend as you try to figure out where your new friends’ hometowns are!

2.   You’ll have your own family away from home.

It’s a cliché, but it couldn’t be more accurate. Because of the varying age difference at university, societies often provide a great support system with third years looking out for first years, and so on. The people I have met through societies have helped me through some of the tougher times at university, and especially when you’re away from your family, this can be exactly the support you need.

3.   You’ll discover new hobbies.

Whether you’re a pro or not, societies welcome everyone as they love enthusiastic new members. So you could be an avid gamer who’d find that DMU gaming is right up your street, or maybe you fancy doing something completely different and you join the Beer Pong society, the choice is yours!

4.   It makes your CV look great.

There’s no other way to put it, but we all know how good something like a society looks on your CV. It shows a level of commitment and skills outside of your course, as well as your ability and willingness to socialise with people. If you make it onto committee, that’s even better!

5.   It can help you meet industry professionals.

Some of the societies often work with industry professionals, such as WIRE DMU (enterprise society) or F10 (design society). This could include introducing you directly to individuals, getting you involved in briefs released by companies, or taking you to industry mixers. You never know what opportunities may arise!

6.   It’s a great way to give yourself a break from your studies.

University is hard and studying day in and day out can get tiresome, no matter how dedicated you are to your course. Societies offer a great way to have a bit of a break from the library and socialise with real people.

7.   You can win awards!

Every year, De Montfort holds a Society Awards evening where a range of awards are given out. This ranges from Most Improved Society or Contribution to the Local Community, to the most prestigious award, Society of the Year. It gives members a chance to get dressed up in suits, dresses and heels, go and have a few drinks, and get recognition for their hard work. It’s an exciting way to end the year, trust me!

So be sure to get involved when you arrive at uni, you’ll absolutely love it!

  • Emily
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